Beautiful Scallop Frame

Beautiful Scallop Frame
By Julie Creek
Sometimes products come along that I fall in love with.  I drag them home and wait for inspiration.  This scallop frame is a new product I've been waiting to work on.  Inspiration came a few weeks ago while vendoring at a trade show in Indianapolis.

I had a new product in the booth with one of my favorite sayings on it.  The piece had the saying


on it. This is my expression that describes the fact that life can be difficult.  Life can be very difficult.  It causes you to have to really examine what matters in life and making a choice to fight for those things.  The decorative piece had a photo of my husband Tom and I on it. We were working the trade show and a customer  came up to check out.  She hands me my display piece.  I quickly started referring her back to the rack where the merchandise was, thinking she wanted to buy a plain one to decorate for herself.  She corrected me,


This stopped me dead in my tracks.  I turned to look her straight in the eye and asked her this question.


Her answer was "Well yes I suppose."  It broke my heart.  I refused to sell her the sample (as she was still asking for it) and made her promise she would make one for HERSELF.  Let me tell you friend YOU ARE WORTH FIGHTING FOR.  If you don't have anything else to fight for, fight for yourself.  God designed and created you.  God Loves You.  The world needs what ONLY YOU can offer.  

I cam home with this heavy on my heart and when the component sheet from Authentique arrived I knew what I would do with it.

I started with the scallop frame piece.  When you open the package it comes apart in two pieces.  One front and one back.  

I painted the front piece and covered the back piece with pattern paper.  Use the back chipboard piece as a pattern and trace it onto the paper.  Cut it out with scissors.  Adhere the paper to the chipboard using Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive.  Using the correct glue matters because you don't want glue lines, air bubbles or too much moisture. 

Use Creek Bank Creations Large Sanding stick, and place the chipboard piece on the edge of a table.  Pull straight down and sand the paper off the chipboard edges.  This will gives you a PERFECT edge. 
 When you are finished sanding the entire shape, use the ink blending tool to apply black ink to the edges of the covered paper and the edges of the frame. 

Adhere the front to the back using Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive.  

Then the fun begins.  Here I added a curio knob and hung some die cut hearts from it. 

The pull handle is gift from my friend Michelle.  It is no longer available but is one of my favorite things so I added it.  The two hearts represent my two children.  The old camera bulb represent my love for things old and strange, and my creative light! 

 The flowers in the bottom left corner are made with the Majestic Blooms die, and I accented them with Wink of Stella. You can watch a video here and learn to make the flowers too!

So my dear friend it's time to think about what a treasure YOU ARE.  I challenge you today to create something that tells the wonderful story of YOU!


Products Used
Authentique Beauty Component sheet.  The punch out came from this! 

Scallop Frame
Authentique Paper 
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive 

Creek Bank Creations Large Sanding Stick 

Ink blending tool for applying ink onto edges of paper, chipboard and more! 

Great knobs for projects!  Curio Knob.
Heartfelt creations Majestic Bloom Die.  I used this die to make flowers. 

Spellbinders Elegant Ovals Die.  I used this to mat the title piece on the scallop frame.  

McGill Paper Blossom Shaping tool kit used to make flowers from the Majestic blooms die. 

Wink of Stella Pen used to had a shot of shimmer to the hanging hearts and petal leaves.

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