I love new tools.  
I love new tools that I will actually use.
I love new tools that make my crafting easier.

The Banner Punch Board from We R Memory Keepers does all that!   When I first heard about the tool I wasn't sure I would use it that much.  Then the tool arrived!  Not only does it make large banners for parties but it also makes pennants as small as 1".  the layout below shows both pennants and banners made with the banner punch board.  This layout is onour website in a kit for sale. 

 Here is a video I put together for you!
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Let us know how you use the banner punch board!
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Scallop Pop Up Box

The box card is such a wonderful card to give!  You can help but smile when you see one! Spellbinders has made a scallop die that makes the card fast and easy to make!
I used heavyweight 80 pound cardstock for the card.  This helps the card stand up to the opening and closing.
 I cut four box panels, three inside strips, one large scallop, and 6 small scallops.  You can add more inside strips if you want to, and you could add more scallop pieces if you want.  The great thing is the die puts your score lines right into the paper.
 Fold the flap piece along the lines put in by the die, and start adhering the pieces together.  I used Scotch Quick Dry for adhesion.

Keep adhering it together until you have a box shape. 

 Pull the top flaps down.  
Add the scallop pieces
Add the insert pieces.  The die cuts the strips, and you can see the fold marks when you die cut it.  Fold on the score marks, and adhere in the box.
Stamp, color and die cut your main accent. I used:

I also added stars I cut on my cricut machine and pattern papers!

The top edge that folds down has a pattern paper accent that measures 2.25"x2.25".  (stripe paper shown).  The bottom edge of the box has a pattern paper accent that measures 2.25"x2.75".  

Don't forget the die on our website here!
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Every once in awhile I see a die that I LOVE.  I mean LOVE.
I buy it.
I hoard it.
I put it on the shelf.
I look at it.
I wait.
For inspiration.

And...it doesn't arrive.
So I visit Pinterest...
and there she is!

The photo above is NOT my original work.  This is the work of Becca Feeken who might just be a paper queen!  I spent a LONG time on our blog!  You will too if you love paper!  Her website with the tutorial for the note card set is here. 

This set uses two dies from Spellbinders!

You will also need

Becca uses score tape in her video but I prefer Scotch quick Dry.

I used some Graphic 45 Time to Flourish paper that had been calling my name...

Graphic 45 Time To Flourish July Cut Apart

Graphic 45 July Paper
We need some cardstock....let's add some Bazzill Cardstock
 2 sheets Bazzill white Cardstock linen finish above
5 sheets Bazzill kraft cardstock smooth finish (LOVE THIS!) 

Bazzill red Cardstock linen finish 

Then grab a pencil, your paper cutter and get ready to roll!

You will need to the watch the video from Becca.  I did find that I added more paper,etc to my notecard box so I will add the dimensions here.
I made all three pieces but I will share details on the notecard box. 
The Notecard box

 I made a basket and the card as well.  These pieces were also on Becca's blog.
 Let's get back to the box...
Red mat on front is 4.25"x4.5"
The pattern paper measures 4"x4.25"

The side pieces Lid:  Red mat 1.25"x2"
Pattern paper  1"x1.75"

Box:  Red Mat 4.5"x1.25"
Pattern Paper 4.25"x1"
Box Back  red cardstock 4.25"x4.5" 
Pattern Paper 4"x4" 
Notecard.  The notecards are made from kraft cardstock.  Cut two pieces 5"x4 3/8".  You can follow Becca's instructions on how to make the card, but I adapted the card size to be a bit wider than what she suggests.
Top lid.  Red Cardstock 1.25"x4.25"
Pattern Paper 1"x 4" 

Make four cards
Red mats on the cards 4"x4.5"
Pattern paper 3.75"x4.25"

White cardstock inside:  4.25"x4.5"

I love this box!  Now share with me what your box looks like!
Julie Creek
Creek Bank Creations, Inc.
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Always wear your invisible crown found on our website here! Only $4.50 

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 I stopped adding white cardstock in our kits as our customers suggested to me they already own it!  You will need white cardstock to finish the kits and various supplies listed on the website. 
Julie Creek
Creek Bank Creations, inc.

Sometimes you need something to help you jump out of your scrapbook rut!  This sunburst template will help you do just that!  At $6.99 it is a great tool to have in your kit!

Who doesn't love the sunburst?  This fun template offers great designs for layouts or cards!
The template is well designed with marks and lines to help with design features.  Below are a few things I made with the template.  Simply trace the lines, cut and adhere!

How about some simple cards? 

I found great projects on Pinterest!  You can view my Pinterest page here!
Here are some projects I found on Pinterest
Card by Laura Laures

Layout by Jennifer Grace

By Tricie Scraps Designs

This template is on our website here
Orders over $50.00 ship free everyday! 

Julie Creek
Creek Bank Creations, Inc.