Just wanted to let all our local customers know that we are open tomorrow, Saturday the 30th from 10 am to 7 pm. Stop in and shop! I wanted to take photos of the shop to share with everyone but I left my camera at home today. Sorry. :(

In other news....

We have finally set up a Creek Bank Creations page on Facebook. Become a fan today!
We still have a few spots available for our big 210 Crop on February 12 & 13.
Cost is only $10!!!!!! Don't delay these last spots will go fast. Go to the website for details & to sign up.
Julie's son, Brye, made it through his second surgery yesterday. He's on the road to recovery! Yeah Brye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read the latest from Julie on her personal blog, Healing Journey.
Have a great weekend and stay warm!!

We're Open on Saturday!!!!

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Just wanted to let all our local customers know that we are open tomorrow, Saturday the 30th from 10 am to 7 pm. Stop in and shop! I wanted ...
Just wanted to check in on this gloomy Friday and let everyone know what's going on around Creek Bank.

Julie is currently with her 18 year old son, Brye, at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. Brye has had constant back pain for the last several years. Julie and her husband, Tom, were feeling like they weren't getting any answers from local doctors so they made an appointment at Mayo.

Here's a post (see below) from Julie's personal blog Healing Journey. They got some news yesterday and I think sharing her post is easier than me trying to explain it all.

Since they will be staying at the Ronald McDonald house for a few weeks, I'm asking everyone to send a card to them, letting them we're all know we are thinking and praying for them. (A hand made card would be outstanding. It would make Julie's day as she loves hand made stuff but any card will do.) If you can't send a card, send her an email (creekbc@comcast.net) or post a comment on her blog or here, it'll really lift her spirts. If you don't want to send it in the mail to her, please feel free to drop them off at the store on Fridays and we'll send them to her.

I'm also asking everyone who is signed up for our crop on the 30th to make a card at the crop or bring one with you. I will be giving a special treat to anyone who participates! : )

Here's the address:
The Ronald McDonald House
Guest: The Creek Family room 202
850 2nd street southwest
Rochester, MN 55902

Here's her post. She also told me to share her blog address http://tjbcreek.blogspot.com with anyone who is interested so feel free to pass it on:

Friday, January 22, 2010
The Appointment
Our appointment was Jan 19th. Brye and I made the trip up by ourselves as Tom had business to take care of in Texas. I was ok with this..Tom had assured me that if anything happened he would be here pronto...

Our first appointments were with neuro and he told us he couldn't find anything wrong. From his vantage everything was great. I expressed to him at that point, that lots of doctors tell us everything looks great, but that doesn't resolve the fact that I have a child who is in pain and up to this point no one is answering the WHY. He and I both agreed we should see orthopedics, and we already had an appointment with the pain clinic.

The pain clinic was Wed. and that was a good day. The doctors were great, and encouraged Brye to change some meds, work on exercising and find a way to live life with pain. Brye was encouraged, and we both were thinking we would chat with ortho the next day and head home.

Thursday was our Orthopedic visit day. Mayo had taken full images of Brye's back to get a look at scolicious and so the doctor had those x rays. He spent a great deal of time explaining to us WHY he did not think the back pain was from the leg length issue...and that made since to me. He then said that as he looked through x rays he noticed that every x ray taken from June forward where either of the upper shoulder...or lower back. No recent x rays of the middle back. He didn't like what he was seeing in the standard full back x rays he had...and wanted an mri and cat scan so he could see better what was going on.

Hours later we knew...there is a large hole in the middle of Brye's back ...picture a circle running over two vertabrae right in the middle of Brye's back. The vertabrae are a totally different color than any others...and the disk is basically gone. So at this point we are looking for WHAT is causing the problem.

We are headed for a needle biopsy today (Friday) at 9am to try and pull fluid out of the spot and see what it is. If you are a person who prays...please pray that they get the fluid OUT they need today so we do not have to have surgery to figure this out.

The doctor has laid out four possible problems: degenerative arthritis, infection of the bone, cancer or tumor, or TB.

The doctor was pretty sure it was not cancer because to quote him " your son would already be dead".

My gut feeling is that the issue is infection.

In either case...we are looking at a back surgery that will involve taking out and replacing the two vertabrae that are damaged. The doctor said these vertabrae are so bad that they are in danger of chattering and breaking...which could mean they puncture the spine wall and pierce the spinal cord..causing Brye to be paralized.

We will now next Monday late in the day the tests results and the doctor is hoping that if it is NOT cancer we will have surgery by late next week. If we have cancer it will be a totally different story.

This surgery will be a 9-12 hour surgery and involve a 5 day hospital stay at St. Mary's hospital here in Rochester. (just blocks from Mayo clinic).

We are staying at Ronald McDonald House here in Rochester. If you aren't familiar with Ronald McDonald House...let me just say this organization is unbelieveable in what they provide and give to families. Coming here was hard because we came here 13 years ago with our daughter Kelsey. The biggest fear I had about this trip was coming to Ronald McDonald House. We had stayed in a hotel up until last night ...and so yesterday coming here was a thing loaded with emtional baggage for me. I was doing fine...then these folks who were giving so much to us already.... brought out a cart full of blankets handmade by volunteers...they told Brye he could choose any blanket he wanted. That was all it took for me to break down and ball like a baby. These folks just give and give and give and give. Words can not begin to express how thankful we are for what is really a home away from home for our family.

Our Address here:
The Ronald McDonald House
Guest: The Creek Family room 202
850 2nd street southwest
Rochester, MN 55902

Together Tom, Brye and I have already walked a difficult road in life which has been strewn with pain, heartache and grief. What we've learned on this healing journey is that we have a God who cares for us. God hasn't promised us an easy road, but if you read what he says in the bible he says he will be our comfort and our strength. So as I sit here crying and typing and wishing it were all different for Brye ,we have already lived through KNOWING God's care and comfort.

Today's prayer request: Please let the doctors get the fluid they need from this needle biopsy.
Pray for Tom as he travels here today.

Tom, Julie and Brye
Posted by creek at 4:35 AM

A Personal Request

by on 12:23 PM
Just wanted to check in on this gloomy Friday and let everyone know what's going on around Creek Bank. Julie is currently with her 18 y...
The January kit is in stock and shipping!
I wanted to pick a selection of products this month that would give you the Valentine look, but that you could also use on many types of pages. I think Marcie put together a great kit that you will be able to take in many directions.


Love Layout by Marcie Morgan


The kit contains:
1 package Making Memories Red puffy letters (2 sheets)
1 yard cream crochet trim
1 yard red ball trim
1 custom ribbon ticket "Have I told you lately that I love you?"
5 Natural Prima cream flowers
2 chenille Flowers with centers
3 red centers (Prima) for Flowers Self Adhesive
2 Kraft cards My Minds Eye
1 ticket My Minds Eye
4 cardboard Hearts
1 custom title "love" from Glitter Paper
1 Die Cut Sheet My Minds Eye
3 Sheets matching cardstock
6 sheets Matching Pattern Paper (two sided) My Minds Eye


Projects above by Marcie Morgan
I wanted to do something special with this kit. I actually completed the projects below!

A simple layout that offers you LOTS of room for LOTS of photos.
I really wanted to make layouts and projects that were built with papers from the kit. To do this I took the paper shown, and cut it up. I then put it back together. For example I cut the cardstock shown to 6x12. I then cut a strip from a scrap that measured 1x12. I coverd that strip with adhesive. I used that strip ON THE BACK to piece my pieces of paper together. This means I made the background for the layout above using 1 sheet of 12x12 paper, and one sheet of pattern paper!
I cut the tags from the kraft colored cardstock in the kit in my Cricut Machine. I used the cartridge Ashlyn's Alphabet and cut the tag at 2.75". Cut six tags for this layout.
I also cut a swirl with this same cartridge. Use the icon special feature and press the Q button. The size is 2", and I used the flip feature on the 12" machine. If you don't have the flip feature and you are cutting textured cardstock, you can put the cardstock on your mat face down. This will mean when you put the swirl on your page the heavy part of the swirl is on the far left.
I accented the edges with brown ink and used the paper distressor.
I also wanted to build a home for the tags to rest in. I started with a 3" border, and accented it with mini brads that were in my stash. The brads are placed so that the tags have a pocket of sorts to sit in. Place them 1/4" from the edge, every 4" on the sides and every 2" down the middle. (picture below)

Now once I add my tags, I can use the spaces that don't show for journaling!

I did add one thing to this page layout not in the kit.
Making Memories Tiny Alphabet Letters. I love these things! They come in many colors and have 468 pieces per set! They have a porous surface on them, so you can accent the edges with ink if you like!

If you look at the tops of the tags you'll see I accented them with paper whisps. These are made by cutting your paper into thin narrow strips. Gently tie them through holes for a great look! Curl the edges if you like and add alittle ink! (photo below)

I also made a mini book to fill with sweet things for Tom...



I took the paper I had left and cut 5 envelopes with my Cricut Machine. I used the Boxes, Bags and Tags cartridge. Use the blackout feature lower case. Size: 10.5 Press button tgpkt2

The machine will leave score marks where you should fold. I put the pockets in my paper cutter with the score blade in my Fiskars paper cutter and used it to give me nice deep scores. I then fold up the envelope and use tacky tape to seal the edges shut. (this tape, also known as red liner tape is a great thing to keep in your stash. You put it on your project, then peel off the front liner. It's great when you need a good adhesion, that won't give).

I needed fronts for my book. I used 2 pieces of heavyweight chipboard 5"x6". You can order those on our site here. Just put 2 of these in your shopping cart, then put 6" in the comments section so we know what size to send you. (all boards on this link are 5" tall).

I covered them with the papers I had left. See my instructions for covering chipboard with pattern paper here. You will need our sanding stick to finish the job properly!

I bound this book using my Zutter Machine and a 1" white wire. You could easily use snap rings.

Now I needed five tags for the pockets. I had to add two sheets of kraft colored cardstock here from my stash. Choose a color you like. Cut 5 tags with your cricut machine and the same cartridge. Press scltop for the tag. Size: 5.5" Lower Case.

I accented the book with pieces and embellishments I had left in my kit! Nothing extra added!








Now if you are thinking..."that's really great but I don't have those cartridges or that Zutter machine" let me remind you...That is why we have crops here at Creek Bank Creations, Inc. The crop room is filled with tools like this that you can USE while you are here. So if you want to make the layouts or projects and you don't have the tools, or don't know how to use the tools please join a crop and we'll show you how! If you are a local customer remember you can pay for the items you want now, and choose the local pick up option. We will hold them for you until you come to pick them up. This is a good idea for items like this kit that will sell out! Don't wait!


We are closed this Friday January 15th. We will be open every other Friday from now on from 10am-5pm. The crop room is open every Friday from 10am-5pm for only $5.00. Please register online so that we know you are coming.

We will be open Saturday Jan 30th for a day crop from 10am-11pm. It's only $5.00. Sign Up here!

Our next big two day crop is Feb. 12 & 13th. We have people coming from all over...you don't want to miss the fun! Sign up for the Feb 210 Crop Here. Please remember that if you want food you need to prepay via the website by Feb. 13th. Please help us keep our paperwork straight and register and pay for meals online. If you have questions about the security of our site and server please email me at creekbc@comcast.net.

On another note...I know many of you have been at home during these winter months scrapbooking! It's a great time to sort, organize and purge! We are planning another Scrapbook Garage Sale June 5, 2010. If you want to go ahead and register, you can. We will let you know your number and you can start marking your things for resale! I already have a pile in my crop room at home! Read the details of how we do this here!

Keep Scrapbooking!

Julie Creek

Creek Bank Creations, Inc.

101 Ross Street

Muncie, IL 61857



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The January kit is in stock and shipping! I wanted to pick a selection of products this month that would give you the Valentine look, but th...
Baby...there's snow outside!!!!

Lots of snow here in central Illinois. The roads are a mess, and THE SHOP IS CLOSED TOMORROW, Friday Jan 8th.

Just a reminder that I did type the wrong date in the email from last week. Let me recap:
We will be closed Friday Jan 15th for a staff development day. We are open every other Friday from 10am-5pm.

We are open Saturday Jan 30th for a crop. Hours will be 10am-11pm. We are NEARLY full for this crop, so if you want to join us you can register here. Everyone attending needs to preregister, and prepay.

We are also working towards our 210 Crop in February. This crop is filling up faster than any crop we've ever hosted. If you want to join us for this crop please sign up before we fill up. Register here.

Please note that I will only be running for Pizza on Friday night. You can carry in your own food or refer to our website here for options on food for Saturday. I have found a very good caterer, who will be bringing VERY GOOD food. Since we want to continue having this kind of service I encourage YOU to participate. I simply can not carry food anymore for 80 plus people. The deadline to order food is Feb. 13th.

When you register please let us know who you want to sit with, and if you are from out of town and are registering a group please email us a list of names so we can make nametags for everyone. You can also email us at creekbc@comcast.net and we will be happy to recommend hotels in the area that are good, reasonable and clean. This crop is a great time, and the gals who travel to our location have a great time..we'd love to see more of our friends from The Covered Bridge Festival!!! :)

We will be adding classes to our 210 February Crop over the next few weeks.

I've felt a need to try to include more simple layouts to our classes, as I know some people just like a simple (and finished) approach. I also wanted to offer a place for people to get started scrapbooking. If you have been collecting supplies and never actually gotten started, or if you have friends who want to learn to scrapbook this class is the place to be. If you have a place to hang a flyer, or would like a flyer to print and give to a friend advertising this class please email us at creekbc@comcast.net and ask for the pdf flyer.

by Julie Creek

We will create four complete layouts with simple and flexible designs. These layouts can be adapted to many themes, and will hold LOTS of photos. This class is meant for beginners or folks who just want to get layouts finished! If you are new to scrapbooking arrive early at 1:30, and I will teach a mini class FOR FREE called Beginners Brief.

These layouts can be embellished further at a later time, or use them just as they are! I will show you how just changing a few accents on these pages will transform them! Our blue layout above can be made up into a snow layout, a beach layout or a boy layout!


The layout about is perfect for birthdays, parties, or any activity that bright colors would work for!



This layout is perfect for little boys, travel, or trip pages.
You must bring to class:
12" paper cutter(Fiskars), small scissors, ruler, pencil, dry adhesive (like tape runner), Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive.

This class will take place on
Saturday February 13th at 2pm.
Cost: $25.00
Class size is limited to 12. You must preregister for this class.
This class will be held at our home base, address listed below.
Sign Up for the class here!

Keep Scrapbooking and watch out for snow drifts!
Tom and Julie Creek
Creek Bank Creations, Inc.
101 ross Street
Muncie, IL 61857

Class For 210 crop

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Baby...there's snow outside!!!! Lots of snow here in central Illinois. The roads are a mess, and THE SHOP IS CLOSED TOMORROW, Frida...