Accordion Card with a special insert!

Today we will look at a fun option with the accordion card!

We will start wtih the Accordion die from Elizabeth Crafts and add a special and fun twist to the card.  Most of the time if we are giving a card it is for a special occasion, and most of the time that means we are giving a gift!  I wanted to see if there was a way to make a card that could have money "hanging" inside the card.
I've worked with other dies in the past trying to figure this out and it just wouldn't work.  When this die arrived I thought perhaps it would work...and IT DOES!
The die set comes with the basic card die, and then 4 other accent pieces.  Those accent pieces are one of the reasons this trick works!
You are going to need to cut three pieces of the card base from one color of cardstock, and a third piece from an accent color!  
Then watch my video to learn the tricks and techniques!

Products Used

Products used but you must supply
Die cut machine, small clear product bag. 

Julie Creek
Creek Bank Creations, inc.
River Retreat House
$100.00 crafting weekends! 

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