Adirondack Chair Place Card

Adirondack Chair Place Card
By Julie Creek
 This awesome die is a great way to make a clever card!  I wanted to see if I could do more with the chair itself.  Because it is awesome...
 Deonna Hotovec made this great looking card from the die.  We added some Mudd Puddles dry sand for extra effect!
 Here is another great card made by Deonna Hotovec showing the fun you can have with the die!

I just wanted to use the chair!
 I wanted to see if I could figure out how to make the chair stand by itself.  This could be used at weddings and all kinds of creative parties!  Here it is!
 Side view showing the piece I added to the back of the die cut chair.  I also added a base to adhere the chair to.
 To make the chair you need to die cut the card. The pencil lines in the photo shows were to cut the chair piece out of your cardstock after you cut it.  I recommend using a heavy weight cardstock.
Fold the chair into the chair shape.  You will find that the chair won't sit up properly.  Grab some cardstock and cut a piece of paper 1.5"x4.5".  Put the long side of the paper against the top of your score board and score at 1.5".  Fold.  Adhere the paper onto the bottom of the chair.  Allow the adhesive to dry, then adhere the top of the chair to the cardstock piece.  Allow to dry.  You will need to trim the top edge of the paper with your scissors to keep the curved shape of the chair.
To make the base for the chair to sit on cut a piece from tan cardstock in your desired shape.  Cover the piece with the Mudd Puddles Adhesive. This adhesive is heavy, and you do not need a great deal of it.  I moved it around with my finger to spread it out.  Drop the dry Mudd Puddles sand onto the piece and shake off the excess with glitter.  It will be dry to touch within 15 minutes.  Cover with wax paper and place a book on the piece so that it will not warp.  After it is dry adhere the chair into the "sand" using the Mudd Puddles Adhesive.  I place more Mudd Puddles dry sand on the wet Mudd Puddles to cover up the adhesive.

It's a pretty simple project with a great look!  What will you do with it?
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