Together Wall Hanging

Together Wall Hanging
by Julie Creek
Creek Bank Creations, Inc.

The Large Expressions clear word titles are a great option for decorating.  The are totally clear so you can accent them any way you like.  They measure around 5"x15".

Supplies you need for this project:
Together Large Word Expression Clear
Your color choice of acrylic paint
Sponge or sponge brush for applying paint
Stazon Spiced Chai permanent ink
Stazon Ganache permanent ink
Stamp of your choice.  We used a swirl stamp.
Fiskars Stamp press
Creek Bank Creations Big Brother Sanding Stick
12x12 clear sheeting
Zip Dry Adhesive 
4 pieces 4"x6" heavyweight chipboard

Our product starts out totally clear. 

I altered and added some color, and hung it with some chipboard for a wall hanging.
Locate the word, your choice of acrylic paint and a sponge.  

Take the clear liner off the clear expression word.  It is located on both sides.  Turn the word over and apply a small amount of paint on the back with a sponge. Allow the paint to dry. 

Take the Creek Bank Creations Big Brother Sanding Stick and scratch the back of the piece, removing much of the paint.
Locate the Stazon Ganache ink and turn the ink pad upside down.  Rub the ink over the back of the word as shown.
Swipe if over the title several times.  Allow to dry.
Locate the Stazon Ink Spiced Chai ink and repeat. 
Cover the back with ink until you get the look you like. 
Turn the piece to the front.  Locate the stamp you want to accent the front with.  Adhere it to the Fiskars stamp press using the cling mount.  Turn the stamp press over and ink the stamp up with the Spiced Chai ink.   This photo shows the Fiskars stamp press.  I've had some questions about it so I will explain what it is!  The stamp press in the photo above is upside down.  The stamp press is great for stamping because you use the grid to place your stamp, then when you turn it over to stamp you can see exactly where you are stamping.  Love this tool, especially when stamping words or text to the inside of cards!  
Turn the stamp press over and stamp the word with the stamp.  Cover the front to your liking with the stamp and the ink.
Hang on the wall just this or accent it with chipboard!

To make the wall hanging locate a clear sheet (on our website listed above in the supply list)  and cut the piece into two pieces 4"wide by 12" long.  Adhere the chipboard, word and pieces onto the clear sheet with Zip Dry Adhesive. Type the phrase "wonderful place to be" on your computer and adhere it to the front.  Accent with flowers. 

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Julie Creek
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