Memories Wall Decor

Memories Wall Decor
by Julie Creek
Creek Bank Creations, Inc.
Special thanks to Trudie Dillion for sharing her photos with me!

This wall decor starts with the Memories word frame from Clear Scraps.  The word frame comes with 1 acrylic front board with customized laser cut words and a back solid chipboard piece.  It measures 7"wide by 28" long.

You will need the following supplies:
Memories Wall Decor
Paper cutter
Blue Ink
Ink Blending Tool
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Glossy Accents Adhesive
Beacon's 3 in 1 or Beacons Fabric Tac 
Zip Dry Adhesive
Creek Bank Creations Big Brother Sanding Stick
2 pieces pattern paper or cardstock your choice
small scissors
Dry Erase Marker
Magic Matter
Crop A Dile 

You might notice I've listed four kinds of adhesive for this project.  I realize that is a great deal of adhesive.  I honestly try to keep the adhesive use at a min. because I know costs add up.  This project, however, uses several different types of products and those products require certain adhesives or the project will fall apart!

To get started with the clear front remove the piece from the packaging and locate the clear piece.  The clear piece as a protective liner on the front and the back and you need to peel it off.
Get your Glossy Accents adhesive out and gather up the some sand.
Decide where you want to put the sand and add the glossy accents to those places. I placed sand on the clear sheet on the corners AND in several places where I knew I would want to hide adhesive LATER.  When the clear piece is finished we will want to adhere it to the chipboard backing with Zip Dry.  If you place sand around in different places it will give you a place to put adhesive that will NOT show. 
Drop the sand on the adhesive.  GENTLY tap off the excess.  Allow to dry several hours (at least 12 hours)

While clear piece is drying you can work on the back.

I gave the piece this collage look because I did not want a direct paper line showing.  To achieve this look gather up your paper, Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive, Blue ink and the ink blending tool.

Tear the paper into various shapes. 
Use the ink blending tool to apply ink to the edges of all the scrap paper.
 Adhere the paper to the chipboard background.
Use Creek Bank Creations Sanding Stick to sand the edge clean so your edge is perfect.
Ink the entire edge with the blue ink and the ink blending tool.  

Locate your photos and the clear piece. 
Choose your photos and lay the clear piece on top of the photo.  Use the dry erase pen to draw the line or shape directly onto the photo front.  If you have printed your photos at home make sure the ink on the photo is set and dry before using the marker on them. 

When cutting small items and details you should use small scissors.  Use the scissors to cut the letter/shape out on the line.  When you've got it cut out use a tissue to wipe off the dry erase marker.
I think the letters need matted onto cardstock so I use the magic matter tool for that! 
Use the smallest disk in the set and place it on the edge of the photo.  Use a pencil and place the lead of the pencil inside the hole in the center of the disk.  Gently roll the disk along the edge of your photo and draw a line for cutting.  (I like to use a mechanical pencil which allows me to push the lead out farther and place it in the hole of the magic matter) 

Mat all the photos!
Adhere the photos to the chipboard backing placing them where the hole in the letters hits.  Use Beacon's Fabric adhesive when adhering the letters as this glue does not dry fast and it will give you time to move the letters where you want them.

Once you are sure the front is dry you can add shells to your clear piece.  Adhere shells with Glossy Accents.  If you have glossy accents showing, simply drop some sand onto it., and it will cover up any "glue" showing. 
Now to the netting!  I fond the netting at the fabric store.  It was the look I wanted for this piece.  You can use any netting you like, or you could leave it off.  the netting is adhered to the BACK of the chipboard FIRST.  Lay it down how you think you would like it, wrap it to the back and use Beacon's Fabric Tac to adhere it to the back.

Messy for sure!  Once the back is dry you can flip it over and use a tiny bit of Beacon's Fabric tac where you know sand will end up covering it up.  You don't have to glue the entire piece down, as the clear section will hold it down.  

Adhere the clear to the chipboard by using Zip Dry adhesive where the sand places and shells are.  Allow to dry overnight. 

Use the Crop A Dile Tool to punch holes in the top corners for hanging.  If you don't own a crop a dile tool get your husband's drill and use it!

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Julie Creek
Creek Bank Creations, Inc.

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