Baby Boy MDF Board

Baby Boy MDF Board

It started out as a raw mdf book.  Simple Enough.  This unit comes as two separate pieces.  I put paper on the back piece using Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive and paper from a paper pad.

I covered the front with the backside of this paper.
When adhering paper you want to use a thin line of glue, and run your hand over it and make sure you don't have any air bubbles.

Use Creek Bank Creations Sanding stick to sand the edges of the paper off the mdf product.  This gives you a clean edge.  

Accent the edges with a blue ink pad using the ink blending tool to apply ink.

Adhere the two pieces together using Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive.

Mark where you want your knobs to sit and drill a hole for them.  Place them on the board.

Accent with string or bakers twine.  Hang the photos and pieces of paper from the paper pad onto the string with safety pins.

Make your own clothes pin accents by adhering paper to the clothes pins with Scotch Quick Dry.  Sand the edges clean with the sanding stick.  Accent the piece adding the close pins as desired.  Adhere them in with Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive. 

This project can be adapted in so many wonderful ways.  
Thank you Debbie for the photos!

You can find all the products to make this project on our website here!

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