Hidden Elements on Scrapbook Pages

Hidden elements on scrapbook pages have fascinated me for years. I guess the thought of hiding extra thoughts on pages seems fun to me. It's like last week when Tom and I were cleaning out some old boxes. We found a bible. We opened it up to find it belonged to Tom's Grandmother. It wasn't really an old bible..and we were debating..throw it out or keep it? Then some papers fell out. They were newspaper articles about various members of the family. The articles contained some very interesting information about one family member that we had never known about. We saw this person in a very different (and good) light. Hidden journaling can be like that.
You can just hide or tuck away your special thoughts, or perhaps stuff you don't want every one in the world to know about into your pages. Perhaps people will see them right away, or perhaps like the newspaper articles falling out of the old bible...it may be years before some distant relative stumbles across the thoughts you saved.

You can hide journaling on any type of scrapbook project you are working on. It can be as simple as tucking tags behind borders or photos like I did on the page below. I cut a giant tag using my Cricut Machine, and just tucked the tag behind the border strip.
You can slip tags behind photos easily if you put pop dots behind the photo to give them some lift. This gives you can easy way to slide things in and out. (put pop dots on three sides and use the fourth side as your opening) .
You can tuck journaling tags into envelopes, vellum folders, or library pocket cards. Don't forget about hinges...those are fun elements to add to pages that not only allow you to journal more, but also to hold more photos. We offer Flip Flop fasteners that are actually clear hinges that are perfect for this sort of thing!
Give it some thought before you build your next page...and give it a try!
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