Bo Bunny Mega Packs

Bo Bunny Mega packs arrived today. If you have ever bought mega packs from us at shows you know what a great deal these things are. Each pack sells for just $9.99, but each pack contains at least $50.00 worth of product. No two packs are exactly alike, but each pack has tons of two sided cardstock, rub ons OR ribbon, OR buttons, OR Bling OR word books. What I really like is that the papers are offered in at least 2's...some have as many as four of each color. This really helps when making pages!

So it is a real deal. When you order the Mega Pack from Bo Bunny we are also adding FOR FREE 5 sheets of Bo Bunny Cardstock Stickers. NOW THAT IS A STEAL!

Bo Bunny Mega Pack can be ordered here.
Julie Creek
Creek Bank Creations, Inc.
101 Ross Street
Muncie, IL 61857

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