Using Versa Mark and Ultra Thick on Chipboard

Altering Chipboard with Ultra Thick Embossing Powder.

You will need the following supplies:

2. Paint, or ink to add color to chipboard

3. Versamark Stamp Pad

Start with raw chipboard. Now you'll notice when working with Creek Bank Creations Chipboard that our chipboard is thick and heavy. Our chipboard is designed so that you can design and create on it without it falling apart.

Add some color to your chipboard. You can paint it, drag an ink pad across it, chalk it or even color it with crayon. We PREFER Making Memories paint because it has less water content in it. This means it dries fast, and helps the chipboard not to warp.

After the paint is dry, turn it upside down and press it into the versa mark stamp pad. The pad will act as a glue agent, and the surface will be slightly shiney.

Now turn it upside down into Ultra Thick Embossing Powder. Push down on it and get a good thick coat on it.

Now put your project on a heat mat and set the embossing powder with a heat gun. Use the high setting on your heat gun, hold the gun about 2" away from the project and keep it moving. You'll watch the ultra thick embossing powder melt in front of you! If you want a heavier coat, or you mess up a section, just redip in versamark and ultra thick again and heat set again.

This leaves you with a high gloss look that is perfect for your scrapbook page!
Keep Scrapbooking!
Julie Creek

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