Magic Matter

The Magic Matter is a tool that has been around for a VERY long time. If you own this might be older than dirt. :0) It's a handy little tool I demo'd this weekend...and instantly sold out of! We've restocked the if you wanted one they are now in stock. If you don't know what the Magic Matter is....
It makes a Perfect Mat Every Time!
• 3 different size disks ( 1/8"-1/4"- 3/8")
• Use inside templates for a smaller shape
• Evenly mats any shape
• Works with pen or pencil
Simply use a pencil and place it in the hole inside the disk. Run your pencil around the edge of the object. Now cut it out.

The image provided here from the folks at Magic Matter is very old...and you might be saying to yourself. "Great, but I don't cut my photos into flowers." I'm with you...but you might need a mat for a punch out of a qoute bar, or a stranged shaped piece of chipboard. This isn't a tool you'll use all the time, but it is handier than a pocket on a shirt when you need one!

Purchase the Magic Matter here...or pick up in the shop tomorrow...because we're open on Friday.

BTW...who turned me into MDA to be locked up???????????????????????

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