Re Tack your cutting mat

If you own a cutting system that requires an adhesive mat you'll love this product. This is an acid free craft bond from Elmers. I know you are thinking white school glue, but Elmer's has moved way beyond that! I've used this adhesive on my cricut mats and my Pazzles Inspiration mats for weeks now with great results. (and to be honest I like this tack better than the orginal mat).

So how does this work?

I grabbed some scraps of paper and taped them to the edges of my mat. You could also use blue painters tape if you had it on hand. You want to cover up the outside edge of the mat so the adhesive doesn't get on that part. IF IT DOES it will gum up your wheels inside your machine. (if you have gummy wheels clean try cleaning them with undo adhesive remover).

Now TAKE IT OUTSIDE. Don't spray it in the house you'll get adeshive everywhere! It's best to set it down in a box to keep adhesive from flying everywhere. Shake the spray well, and then spray your mat with a good even coat. I was generous with the spray. I'm really just giving you the directions that are on the can...which tell you to wait 3-5 minutes for a non permanent adhesion. Once you've waited you can use your mat. Remove the protective edge and you are ready to go. If you end up with some extra adhesive on the edges you can use a pick up square to remove them.

We carry the adhesive on our site and will be bringing to shows this us this year.

FYI: Any manufacture will tell you that doing things like "retacking" your mat will void your warranty.

Julie Creek Creek Bank Creations, Inc.

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Deb said...

So - have you tried this on the glass mat SLICE uses?