Update Scrap Caddy


I know we have alot of customers who use Scrap Caddy to store their cricut cartridges and stickles. I am sad to report that we are no longer stocking and carrying this product. The product has been difficult to stock from the manufacturer, and now we find ourselves facing a price increase. These two factors make this product something I can no longer justify stocking or carrying to shows. I feel bad about this...and so I'm telling you....stock up now!
I will continue to sell them at the original pricing until our stock is gone...so you are getting a deal!

I have four units of stamp storage left and I've marked them on the website at clearance pricing. Once they are gone...they won't be restocked.

Did you know they make bottles that fit into the stickles carrier? Great for beads and such. We have 2 available for clearance pricing.

IF you own this product and want to complete your "collection" please order now as our stock is limited and won't be replenished once we sell out. ScrapCessories can be found here!
Remember that if you order more than $50.00 we are shipping at free freight.
We still have plenty of bargain boxes if you want to get in on that fun!
Please note that here in Illinois we are getting slammed with a winter storm. I've completed today's shipping but there are some orders waiting on incoming freight that is having trouble getting here! :) So please be patient with us...we will do the best we can!
Stay Warm!
Julie Creek
Creek Bank Creations,Inc
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Muncie IL 61857

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