Mini Envelope Album

Mini Envelope Album
Kit by Julie Creek
Creek Bank Creations,Inc.
I think my biggest issue is that I love to play with paper and things. Ask my Mom...oh the stories she can tell you. This love for paper, envelopes and such drives me to make all kinds of crazy things. This Mini Envelope album is something I started playing with last year. It's a fun little book that you can decorate with any papers you want. The book measures 4.5"x5".
I've put this book together in kit form for you. It's a generic kit, which means that I've included for you the heavyweight chipboard Creek Bank Creations is famous for, the needed envelopes for you to make your first album with, and I've written DETAILED instructions that cover 4 pages. These instructions contain 5 color photos, and 12 diagrams. My goal for YOU is that you complete this mini book...and then have fun making more!
When you purchase the kit you will see on the front the list of supplies you need to provide. Here they are:
Paper: (I used Bo Bunny Olivia on this book)
For front and back covers, inside and out: 4.5"x5"-2 pieces- (1-12x12 sheet)
For decorating the lower edge of flaps and pockets: 3.5"x2"-8 pieces (less than 1 12x12)
For decorating the inside pages with flaps: 3.5"x4"-(1-12x12)
For tags in the book for each page: 4.25"x3"-8 pieces (1-12x12)
For Spine: 1-1.25"x5"
Hitch Fastener for front knob

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Come on...what are you waiting for?
Julie Creek
Creek Bank Creations,Inc.
101 Ross Street
Muncie, IL 61857

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