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Creek Bank Creations Exclusive Product....Page Extensions

Talk to any person who scrapbooks and you'll hear the same issue. How can I get more photos on a page? This is something I've been playing around with for about two years. (Did I mention my love for playing around with paper and nonsense things...). Anyway I have developed a new style of page additions that will greatly help anyone who is trying to get more photos on a page. The Creek Bank Creations page extensions will give you room to put plenty of nice size photos on a layout (not just 3x3's), plus a great place for hidden journaling on your pages. I LOVE THIS!

The page above called Skeet Shoot is my son's graduation party. We wanted to something he would like...he insisted he was NOT having a party. Tom and I thought on this for a long time, and then decided WE were having a party! We told Brye what we were doing and invited him to his party! It was a great time with family and friends and Brye had a great time! Brye's friends said it was the coolest graduation party they went to! Ohhhh I've digressed....We had tons of I made this page with a page extension. Look below and you'll see the close up of the rectangle page extension. Page extensions are added to the page with scor tape, in this case at the top of the page.

Look below and you'll see the page extension open! Now I've got a place for more photos, and journaling too! One of things I've found about page extensions is that I can HIDE colors in photos that don't match my page layout! Notice below the photo of the gun laying on top of the pink towel. This was funny because the towel had a gun on it, and it is just a great photo. The problem is that pink towel totally destroys the color scheme I have going. Using Creek Bank Creations Page Extensions allowed me to hide that photo, but still include it.

How about some graduation photos? This graduation layout has 10 photos..all good sized, and some not even cropped! I've got all those photos on this layout, PLUS a big title banner, a quote and some decorative accents!

This layout has the page extension added into the side of the album, and again attached with scor tape. Scor tape is a high tack tape on a roll that is similar to pink tacky tape. The great thing about scor tape is that you can tear it with your fingers, and it is clear. When you purchase a package of Page Extensions from Creek Bank Creations I've included a full page of instructions and tips for using them. I do, for example, recommend that you score the inside edge of the rectangle piece when adding it to your photo album. I've included detailed instructions on just how to do that when you purchase page extensions.
Not working in a 12x12 album? That is can cut the page extensions down in your paper cutter to fit your pages, then slip paper into them.
Page extensions are add the paper you want so that it matches every page you build.
The rectangles are great, but the triangles are fun! The triangle can be added from the top as I've done here, or from the side. I can't wait to do a sports page and insert this on the side of the page as a banner! (yippee ya ya)

Flip up that page extension and you've got room for more photos, and journaling.
I've also put together a package of what I call journaling spots. Journaling spots are white cardstock papers that have lines on them. These pieces are made to fit the page extensions exactly. (If you look closely you can see the bottom half of a journaling spots on the page above. The printed lines and journaling boxes in the Journaling Spots kit also have pieces that fit into the divided page protectors from We R Memory Keepers.
Page extensions work with post bound albums, top loading or side loading albums, strap hinge albums, and d ring albums. Basically if your album has page protectors, our page extensions will work for you! You can even punch our page extensions with Bind It All, Cinch, or other binding programs.

I hope you'll give the page extensions a try...and I'd love to see what you design with them!
For our retail stores: Both journaling spots, and page extensions are available for purchase in your stores. Please follow our ordering instructions, and do not use coupon codes with your order.
Just a reminder that the shop is closed this weekend as I am going to Oklahoma for a show. We've got tons of new products on the way and we'll be posting those soon. (New Sew Easy Tools, New My Minds Eye, Twig from Little Yellow Bicycle and more!) Remember the 30% off sale runs all week as well. (Order snow or valentine products and use coupon code toomuchsnow and get 30% off your order).

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