Retack your cutting mat

We are asked a great number of questions about resticking your Cricut (tm) Mats. Here are some great products, and details.

1. Lay down newspaper to catch excess spray. Lay your cutting mat on the surface.

2. Spray a generous layer of Stick Away Spray ion your mat. Be sure to get the surface wet. Let this sit for 30 seconds.

3. Grab an old credit card, or rigid material with a straight edge and scrap down the entire mat. you'll notice old adhesive peels off easily during this process. Go over the entire mat as you push any of the old adhesive buildup to one end of the mat. Repeat steps 2 & 3 if necessary until all adhesive build up is gone.

4. Wipe down your mat with a paper towel to remove any last bit of adhesive or stick away spray.

5. Apply masking tape to cover any part of the mat your does not come in contact with paper during the normal operation of your machine. (basically any part that does not become sticky). If you are using the Baby Biggie Glue Stick you do not need to mask your mat.

6. Apply a thin layer of Stick and Spray or use the Baby Biggie Glue Stick over the entire surface of the mat. For the spray option: You should notice that it is hard to see where you have sprayed. You should not have a thick layer of spray on your mat, as only a thin layer of adhesive will do the trick. Let this dry for 5-10 minutes and then peel off the masking tape...Your mat is ready to use!

Stick Away: (Blue Can) Amazing Adhesive Cleaning Agent which removes unwanted sticky residue from almost any surface. Ideal for removing adhesive build up on scissors or rubber stamps. Can be used on glass, plastic, china and almost any other work surface. Safe to use around the house. Acid and Lignin Free. Pump Spray. This product allows you to retack mats that you thought were not usable!

Stick and Spray (purple can) This spray is repositional mounting adhesive. The mat is ready to use. Customers love this spray for retacking mats! Some people prefer the spray because it gives a light even coat.

Baby Biggie Zig Glue Pen This is another great way to retack your mats. Just push down and apply glue. If you get too much glue while it is still wet you can wipe off the excess and reapply. Some people prefer the glue pen because it is portable and easier to use than spray.

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