New Chipboard Designs From Creek Bank Creations

6x12 Birds and Cage Marcie Morgan left the birds plain and painted the bird cage white on the layout shown above. I think these birds would be cute with paper on them too!
6x12 Frames

6x12 Chunky Alphabet

6x12 Sprockets and SpinnersThese sprockets and spinners are great because you can make them any color you want! We used brown ink on these and accented the chunky letters with them too, but you can paint them or ink them any color. Great for boy pages! We used 7 Gypsies Venice Collection for the paper on this layout.

12x12 New Designs

Tree. Tom had been asking me for a tree since last year. I was just too busy to sit down and do it. Here it is...I couldn't help but sneak in the heart in the top of the tree. Thought I would try and fit a photo in that space. This tree measures 11.75x11.75 and comes totally cut out of the chipboard sheet.

Stars and arrows. Great for covering with pattern paper.

Another Product Tom has been asking for. He insists there is NOT ENOUGH product for you hunter types. Here's his addition for you! I simply drug a black ink pad over this one below!
Light and Scroll. I've been wanting a light post for years..couldn't figure it out until now. I love this sheet. Marcie Morgan did a great job using the light on this layout below. She simply painted the light and scroll with white paint.

The Scallop shown below isn't new but you might of missed it...

Just pop out the pieces, ink or paint them. Paper in the layout below is Bo Bunny Flower Child

A note to our retail partners: This is a product we manufacture and we do sell to wholesale stores. These sheets are full of great pieces, and when displayed with layout samples sell very well. Our current in house delivery is going to be delayed by around 8 days at this point. When you order for wholesale please remember the following things..

1. Do NOT choose the free freight option. It isn't available for wholesale orders and only slows down our delivery time to you.

2. Order in quantities of 6 per design.

3. Give us time to get your order to you. At this point plan on two weeks by the time you get it. This is NOT our standard turn around time, but we are having issues keeping certain designs in stock. Please do not plan to put our products in kits or classes without contacting us first for delivery time details.

4. We are a small family owned business. We are a small team and we need more time for special requests or large order volume.

5. Please Please Please ONLY order from the Creek Bank Creations Product listing. We do not wholesale other items like adhesives, laser cut items, etc.

6. If you are looking for other hot sellers...our sanding sticks are great tools, and our ticket line is great!

We value our wholesale customers but find that they sometimes expect that we can deliver the goods like Creative Imaginations or other big manufactures. We can't...and we aren't pretending too! If you want a quality chipboard product that is unique and not found in chain or mass marketed stores this is it!

Keep Scrapbooking!

Tom and Julie Creek

Creek Bank Creations, Inc.

101 Ross Street

Muncie, IL 61857


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