Cricut, Gypsy HELP!

If you know Creek Bank at all you know we have some basic values..

1. Educate the consumer with fun stuff and techniques that keep our hobby fresh and fun!

2. Offer products to our customers that I know, trust and believe in!

This new product isn't your typical product for Creek Bank Creations, but is one I trust, know and quite honestly....KNOW YOU ALL NEED!!!

Megan Gravener and her husband have produced three products that are absolutely most have products if you own the Cricut, or Gypsy.
The cutting guide. A paper bound book that contains over 500 styles of paper. This cutting guide is one I've been using for months as it is a wonderful resource. It tells you speed, blade depth, and more for each style of paper you own! If you have trouble with getting good clean cuts this guide is the answer! Only $4.95!!
The Cricut DVD is the way to get the maxium benefit out of your investment. For less the cost of most cartridges you can buy educational software to educate yourself. Many of you pick my brain for Cricut help and tips...this DVD is the answer. How to cut your own chipboard (lightweight), how to cut your own stamps, what is fit to page? What is repeat last? Learn every feature and function on the machine! It's a great deal at $22.97

If you've invested in the gypsy you know it's a great tool waiting for you to explore and use it. This dvd goes into in depth detail learn...

First power on and calibration

Learn settings

Register your gyspy

Using the gypsy sinc software

How to open, save, download, save and cut files

Linking and storing cartridges

How to use basic and advanced tabs

How to get more from help screens

and much more !!!

Only $24.95
Purchase all these items get a Tipsy free!!! The supply of free Tipsy's is limited, so first come, first serve. (We are working on stocking this item for resale so if you just want to buy a tipsy you will have to email us at and we will get back with you)

This Gadget wraps around your finger so you don't have to put up and down your stylist. It won't scratch your screen and keeps you from having a cramped hand!!!!

Tom and Julie Creek
Creek Bank Creations,Inc.
101 Ross Street
Muncie IL 61857

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