Mudd Puddles

Mud Puddles

This hot top 10 pick from CHA is flying out the door. We ran out of our first inventory and are not restocked and shipping. With our restock we've picked up a few more colors.

Creek Bank Creations Baseball book with golf Mudd Puddles. We also have soccer!

Creek Bank Creations Castle Book accented with Malibu Mudd Puddles and Tahiti Mud Puddles
When applying this product to larger pieces of chipboard I recommend that you cover the surface using the sand applicator knife. While it is still wet, wipe the edges clean with the knife. Allow the project to air dry around an hournad a half. It will start to bow on you at this point. Cover the pieces with wax paper then place some books on the projects. This will flatten out your project and it will dry flat. Allow to dry several hours or overnight. Remember to keep the knife clean after each application or the adhesive will dry on your knife making it impossible to apply the sand in a smooth fashion.

If you are applying this product to scrapbook pages we suggest you just use a small amount to accent titles, photos and more. Mud puddles is the perfect accent for Creek Bank Creations chipboard words like beach, vacation, cruise or splash! You can order the word BEACH in our Build a Book program by ordering a 5 letter book and telling us you want the word BEACH. You can also choose any beach name by just ordering the number of letters in the word (for example malibu would be a 6 letter book).

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