mud puddles

It's been a busy summer of travels. I've had a grand total of 5 flat tires (and ohhhhh the stories) this Summer and learned a great deal along the way! My favorite trip this year was to the Charolette, North Caolrina show. Dad and Mom traveled with me and we made time to visit the Builtmore Mansion. This is something I have always wanted to do...and thought I would never get the chance. This Summer really was full of experiences that I'm so thankful to of had. I love the photo above which shows my Toyato Tundra hauling my 14 foot cargo trailer....carrying 6000 pounds of scrapbook paper, scrapbook stickers, sanding sticks and chipboard! The truck pulls the trailer through the mountains with such ease...and the spacious interior is perfect for hauling my crew to work the shows. This truck has taken me from Illinois to...Texas, Tennesse, to North Carolina, to Georgia, to Kentucky, to New Jersery, to Michigan, to Virginia and Indiana. This truck has given me NO issues. I realize the whole "truck" thing is a "guy thing"....but this truck means so much to me because it literally gives my dreams wheels! I'm thankful for the opportunity to manufacture our own scrapbook supplies, and then sell them to other women and men all over the United States. Having a great truck makes traveling easy and gives me one less thing to worry about.......YES....TOYOTA....I'm availalbe for commericals!

Mudd Puddles has arrived in the shop. This product from our friends Dave and Brenda Felber is a wonderful mix of sand with some kind of super duper adhesive. You can view samples here, and you can purchase Mudd Puddles here!

Hope you are ready for fall because it's coming soon to neighborhood to you!

Keep Scrapbooking!

Julie Creek

Creek Bank Creations, Inc.

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Jill W. said...

Oh so happy Dave finished the "receipe" for Mudd Puddles!! He was working on it in Texas and asking which formula "worked".
Thank you also for carring the product, off to my chat world to tell all the girls!!
Thank goodness for the Toyota that brought you into my world.