Scrap Camp November 9-11, 2012

Registration for Scrap Camp Opens August 23, 2012!

I host Scrap Camp for our customers because most crafters struggle with having time to complete projects. I'm excited to announce details about our fall event.

The camp is hosted at Hanging Rock Christain Camp. Hanging Rock Camp offers beautiful facilites for crafting retreats, and November will be a great time of year for you to finish up projects that need to be done by the end of the year!

You can see from the photos I took of our May event that there is plenty of room to spread out and work, and the lighting is GREAT! The dinning hall is attached to this building, and all sleeping accomdations are easily within walking distance.

One of the great things about this event is that you can shop our store with the hassel of the crowds you'll find in our booth at scrapbook trade shows!
New this fall I've added two new teachers!  Kelly Nufer and Anne Lumly will be joining me teaching classes, and selling their own scrapbook supplies.  I wanted to bring more variety to the mix, and these girls will do that!  Each woman has her own scrapbook business and are proven experienced teachers.  Part of what makes this hobby interesting is learning new things, so don't be afraid to take some classes.

Registration opens August 27th at 9am.
Registration before September 31st is only $99.99
This includes dormitory sleeping, all your scrapbooking and 4 meals. 
(your only additional fee would be classes or a room upgrade)

Anyone with a group of 10 or more should contact me before September 31st.  Groups of 10 or more save an additional $10.00 on the rate. 

The above photo shows dormitory lodging. Dormitory lodging is included in the standard rate of $99.99 for those who register before September 31st. You'll need to bring bed linens and towells.
The photo above shows a room upgrade.  Room upgrades are optional.  Once the room is purchased the people staying in that room divide the cost.  (only one person buys the room, and if the room accomodates 4 people you divide that fee among yourselves). 

I hope you'll plan on setting some time aside to scrapbook with us!
You can read more details on our website here, or email me directly at
Julie Creek
Creek Bank Creations, Inc.

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