New Style Photo Fold Out

New Style Photo Fold Out!
We've been on a mission around here to bring you real products you can use, that actually fit a need you have in your scrapbooking...getting more photos on your pages.  It is one of our favorite things to dream designs and make them happen!

Our newest addition to our photo fold out line is a horizontal fold out.
The horizontal photo fold out includes several pieces.  There is a large pre scored piece that fits on your horizontally, a pocket to hold a large tag, a large tag, and file folder tab in each package.  The two images above show the fold out being from the side view one from the top.  Once opened, what is revealed is the inside pocket and tag, which hold MORE photos and journaling. Each of the pieces that fold open have protective sleeves to cover them, and the giant tag pocket also has it's own protective sleeve!
The tag slides out of the pocket, to reveal more photos, journaling and fun!  Photos can be placed behind the tag if you want, or on the back of the tag.  If you count the photos on this layout you'll find 17 photos!

As an added note I had fun with this layout using the bakers twine.  I covered buttons with score tape, and then covered them with bakers twine.  I also made my own really great looking border by covering the scor tape with bakers twine (and you DO NOT want to know how long that took!).  

I built magnetic snaps into my photo fold out to hold the layout shut.
This is done by adhering them to the fold as show below BEFORE you accent the fold out piece. 
One magnet on the top piece, and one magnet on the bottom. Then add your photos and papers as desired.

If you would rather use ribbon, then you can adhere a piece of ribbon to the back, and wrap it around the front. 

So how does that fit into a page protector?
Make your page.
1. Slide your page into the page protector.
2. Use a dull pencil, or an embossing stylist, and trace around the outside edge of the shape.
3. Take the page out of the page protector.
4. Slide a scrap paper or cutting mat into the page protector, and cut on the line you've created.
5. Slide your page back into the page protector and it fits perfectly.

On a personal note let me update you on a few things!  I will be traveling all week and have a very, very full plate!  Orders placed between now and Tuesday will not be shipping until Wednesday.  SMASH orders are getting more difficult to fill as we are running out of some products!  I have updated the website to reveal ship dates, as I'm pretty sure that The Great American Scrapbook Show this weekend will wipe out our entire  SMASH inventory.  I have previously already ordered more product, and they tell me that order is on the way...we shall see!

Thanks for all your support.  It's been so great lately to hear from customers that we've known for years!

Julie Creek
Creek Bank Creations, Inc.

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