Bo Bunny Press Barefoot and Bliss

Here's some great inspiration from the Gals at Bo Bunny Press.  This product is set to ship from Creek Bank Creations next week! On the website now! 

 By Debbie Sherman

 by Luzma Burna

By Michelle Beck
By Francis Sylva
By Christiane Muller

Have you seen the Mudd Puddles product that goes so well with this type of page?  We offer it in several colors! 

Mudd Puddles is a sand like product with the adhesive binder built into it.  You simply open the container, stir it up and apply it to your project with an applicator knife.  (we do recommend the knife as it gives you a smooth finish).  The product is wet, so on chipboard use it sparingly like I did here.  
When applying this product to larger pieces of chipboard I recommend that you cover the surface using the sand applicator knife. While it is still wet, wipe the edges clean with the knife.  Allow the project to air dry around 2 hours.  It will start to bow on you at this point.  Cover the pieces with wax paper then place some books on the projects.  This will flatten out your project and it will dry flat.  Allow to dry several hours or overnight.  Remember to keep the knife clean after each application or the adhesive will dry on your knife making it impossible to apply the sand in a smooth fashion. 

 I have designed several chipboard books for your summer memories as well.  These are all custom designed by me, and are cut from Creek Bank Creations heavyweight chipboard.
 The Sun book has dimensional layers, along with flip flops and a popsicle you can accent.  I covered the sun with the yellow mud and the popsicle with the mango color.
Mud puddles is the perfect accent for Creek Bank Creations chipboard words like beach, vacationcruise or splash!  
Oh the creative fun we can have!
Julie Creek
Creek Bank Creations, Inc.

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