Glue Glider Pro Refill

I heard alot of concern from the gals scrapbooking this weekend about frustrations with the Glue Glider Pro refills. They were having issues with the cartridge when they were getting close to the end of the roll, it appears to be jamming.
I just spoke with the folks at Glue Glider Pro, and they do not think they have a problem with the refills. They need to SEE the refills that are acting strange so they can indentify what the problem is.
If you have a refill that is too tight, and is hard to roll please call Glue Arts at 1-866-889-4583 and report what you have. They want to take care of the customers and have told me they will replace cartridges, if you have the original to send in, and if you identify yourself as buying from Creek Bank Creations,Inc.
It is always our goal to sell quality products that you can trust. If you have any other issues please let us know. We'll do our best to help resolve them.
Julie Creek
Creek Bank Creations,Inc
101 Ross Street
Muncie IL 61857

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