Quickutz Quickstick

Quickutz Quick Stick

This tool is one of my favorites. I've been asked for ages to sell it...so here it is. Once you've tried the "Quicker Poker Picker Upper" You'll know why so many people (including me) love it. Simply poke quickly to remove die cut letters and shapes from papers. Then, using the sticky pointed end you can easily pick up small letters and shapes. Imagine how easy it will be to "poke" out shapes using the right end, and then pick up and move small things like the dots of the letter i with the left end. (The left end is sticky, and has a removable cap). Works well with beads, punched pieces and all kinds of tiny objects you need to pick up and move around. You can purchase on our website here!

Julie Creek

Creek Bank Creations, Inc.

101 Ross Street

Muncie, Il 61857




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