Making a list

So perhaps you've been following along the 12 Tags of Christmas and making yourself a list of things you would like to add to your collection. We are offering a little "elf assistance" to you!

Make a list of some things you'd like Santa to bring you for Christmas. Email that list to us ( , along with the email address of who we would be sending your wish list to. We'll send the wish list to your loved one, and offer to pull, pack and ship the order directly to them! (or just pull it for local customers) This makes shopping easy, and we all know that one of hardest things about shopping is just finding something we know the other person will really enjoy!

We will honor the ilovetim 20% off discount on all orders sent through the wish list program through Dec. 20th.

Julie Creek
Creek Bank Creations, Inc.
101 Ross Street
Muncie IL 61857

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