August Update

This past July the scrapbook stores shopped at the Summer buying show. I was at the Creating Keepsakes Scrapbook Show in Valley Forge, PA. This means I sent Keely and Diann to the Chicago buying show to shop without me. They did a great job!

Since I'm on the topic let me voice to you guys how thankful I am for such a great back up team. Keely, Diann, and Michelle are the backbone to this business. While I'm out traveling to shows they are at home packing kits, answering phone calls, pricing paper....and often without direct supervision or help from me. I am a hard worker. I am a "put it to the grindstone and get it done type gal". My standards are high...and these girls can keep up with me. I realize I am a blessed woman to have such wonderful gals working with us.

There are tons of update on the blog. We have been so busy with shows and taking in new products that we've gotten behind on getting new products on the web. I've posted below several seperate blog posts with new information. Read through and enjoy the updates. As you read remebmer this...

USE COUPON CODE hot picks ON ANY ANY ORDER THAT HAS ANY ITEM listed in our blog posts and get 20% off your entire order. (use coupon code hot picks at checkout). The coupon code is not valid on wholesale orders and not valid on classes or crops.

So read below and enjoy...and please know that this gal from Illinois feels blessed to be in this business, and blessed to be serving you!

Creek Bank Creations, Inc.
Tom and Julie Creek
101 Ross Street
Muncie, Il 61857

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Murphy's Girl said...

Is your Muncie store open tomorrow (September 3) regular hours? Wasn't sure with the Labor Day holiday...