Every once in awhile a product comes along that I'm totally jazzzeeedddd about! Here's a new release from the Summer Buying show!!

This handy caddy Case is soooo cool. Now you can see what cartridges you have and keep them organized!!! Stack up to three high and carry it all with an additional carrying strap! Each of these clear space saving containers measures 9.5"w X 5"h X 5"d.

This product begins Shipping August 2, 2009. ORDERS OVER $50.00 receive free freight.

If you are attending the Valley Forge Creating Keepsakes you will be the FIRST customers to see this product live and in person!! We are booth 216 and will be the first to sell these at a show!

When you purchase this caddy you are purchasing one clear plastic container and one scrapcessory insert. Each insert will hold 8 cartridges. If you set your containers up with one insert (which is how we are selling them) You can hold 8 cartridges, books and plastic key overlays per container. If you want to you can purchase additional inserts here and then your clear container will hold 16 cartridges and plastic overlays. (not the books). An additional insert will allow you to have 8 cartridges showing from each side.

Lid color for this product is PINK.

You can purchase the carrying strap as well here.

Again...orders over $50.00 receive free freight!

Is that awesome or what????

Julie Creek

Creek Bank Creations,Inc.


Doglover said...

I want to send you an email asking about a product. I can't find your email on your website though. What is it?

Penny Smith said...

But if you get the gypsy, you don't have to carry any of them anymore!! :)
But it would be a great way to store them regardless. :)

Hi Keely! It's Penny! :) (Of course you knew that from my name and pic., huh? :)

It was SO nice seeing you a few weeks ago! I LOVE the album! My husband thought it was great too!
When I get pictures in it I will post!!