The circle flip die has been a customer favorite this year!


One of the reasons people like the die so much has to do with the way I designed the die.  I designed this die to be open ended.  This allows you to use the use die on so many different card sizes!
So the question becomes HOW do you do that?  Doesn't it?  I have put together three videos on our you tube channel.  I'll post the first video here, then you can watch the other two videos I've posted on you tube.  
It would be blessing to our business if you would LIKE or videos and post comments there.  If you subscribe to our you tube channel you will get email notification when I post new videos! 
So how about some FREE STUFF?

Pick three dies from Creek Bank Creations and put them in your shopping cart.  THEN in the comments section put the name of the FREE SENTIMENT die you would like FOR FREE!

We will ship you one free sentiment die for every 3 dies you order!  You must include the die you want free int he comments section. 

You can find the die on our website here! 
Orders over $75.00 SHIP FREE!
Creek Bank Creations, inc.

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