Flower Punch Board!

You may or may not know I have a love for old books.  
You may or may not know I have a habit of making things for old books.
You may or may not know my Mother about croaked when she saw me making flowers from an old bible.
You may or may not know that flowers give me joy.
You may or may not know I have been playing around with various kinds of flower designs for a LONG time.

You may or may not know We R Memory Keepers came out with a new product called

You can view the video here

After watching the video make a few practice flowers.  Then follow my tips below for making a stem head for your flower!
I did not care for the "flat" centers of the flowers.  I wanted a smaller dimensional stem head for the middle.  You will notice that I added two black marks on my board with a sharpie marker.  These marks sit 1/4" and 1/2" to the LEFT of the vertical score line on the board.  To make the center of the flower cut the paper the same as the board suggests for the smallest flower (the first one).  Start the flower the same as you normally would but use the 1/2" sharpie line INSTEAD of the XXS line.  (you'll have to know how to make the flower first, and you can watch the video above to see that part).  I seldom use the 1/4" mark as that is very small. 

Here is what you end up with!  

The Flower Punch board comes with a rolling tool but I wanted a "tighter" roll so I used my petal rolling tool. 
Use the "slotted" end of the tool and slip it on the edge of the flower. 

Roll all the "petals". 

Place the tool on the end of the strip as shown, and carefully start rolling up the end.
Roll about 1".  

Pull back on the tool and remove it. 

I use Beacon's 3 in 1 for the flower making.  I used it on all the flowers.  I like the thick grip, and strong hold. Unroll your piece, and put adhesive along the bottom edge.  I used pipe cleaners for the stem.  I strengthened them by twisting two together.  Place adhesive along the bottom edge of the flower strip, and roll it up around the pipe cleaner. 
Roll it up! 
You only need to roll up an inch or so and you will notice that the petal leaves all start rolling around at the exact same place on the stem.  When you see this start to happen stop and cut the paper off.  
You can then trim off one petal at a time and glue them on individually.  I only glue two petals by hand.  You do not want this piece to become too "thick".  When you go to add the first xxs small flower, you will need to slide that flower onto the stem head you are making.  IF the stem head is too fat at the base, your flower won't slide onto the stem head. 

 Make your first smallest flower according the the directions.
The board comes with a rolling tool.  
It works good for a large loose roll when used like shown above.  For the smaller flowers I prefer the petal rolling tool I shared with you earlier.

Flower with rolled edges. 

Slip the flower onto the stem head.  Pull the XXS flower up onto the paper of the stem head and adhere with Beacon's or your favorite adhesive. 

To finish the flower as I've done the flower has the following pieces.
The stem head center you make by hand as shown above.
The xxs size.
The xs size.
The small size.
Make another xxs size, and place it on the BACK of the flower, and roll the edges DOWN.  If you look at the photo below you will see the small piece on the back.  This piece covers up the "ugly" back of the larger flower pieces...and it looks FAB!!  

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