Be Honest.

I'm working on starting a new life. 
It's often scary and feels out of place.

I work too much.
I worry too much.

I know it is time to slow down.
I know it is time to hit reset.

I'm trying. 

I've been thinking about my pure love for scrapbooking. 
I've been thinking about how it's been lost in piles, and work and frustration.
I know it is time for reset.

I know it is time for realistic goals.

I made about five 8.5x11 scrapbook pages last year for my personal life, and that was in my son's medical journal. 
That is pathetic.

So I've been organizing my OWN PERSONAL space, and spending time thinking about this realistically.  I've decided that setting SOME GOAL to get SOMETHING done for ME PERSONALLY is worth thinking about. 

I have spent the last week organizing my stuff in a totally different manner.  It has been a huge job, but I'm seeing light at the end of the tunnel and I'm so thrilled to have it organized in a way that matches my thinking.  (what joy to store those rifle brads with the hunting paper, with the camo ribbon, etc).  I gave myself permission to throw away the old system I used.  I didn't work and it was doing nothing but discouraging me from even going into my scrapbook space! 

Now I'm going to make a realistic goal for the Month of February.  Are you ready?
My goal is get at least two scrapbook pages done this month.  Surely it is realistic to make this goal.

Let me encourage YOU! 
What is a realistic goal for February? 
Perhaps you already find time to scrapbook and can do more than I can.
I would love to see your posts on our facebook about your goals for February.
What motivates you to find the time to scrapbook? 

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Jennifer Wilson said...

Hi Julie,

I don't usually leave comments anywhere that are self-promoting, but I believe I can help.

I actually live not too far away in Champaign, which is how I found you, searching for local stores. I've visited your shop at the Covered Bridge festival too!

Anyway, I have a website called Simple Scrapper ( and my focus is helping people get their priorities in order and find time for what matters most - both in scrapbooking and in live.

I have a special class on this for 2013, called Focus, that you might consider.. or if anything, I'd love if you signed up for my free email updates. I send out a "weekly pep talk" video with one actionable tip for the week.

I totally understand where you're at - and wish you lots of bravery and enthusiasm as you find more time for self-care and scrapbooking this year!