The photo above is Heidi Swapp.  Some of you may know her, some of you may not.  Heidi Swapp is an artist who has been around the scrapbook community for years.  On her blog she says she is "a scrapbooker".  That might be the most humble statement I've ever read from a scrapbook mega star.  She's developed hundreds of products for this industry.  She is an innovator in every since of the word.  She is a teacher, and is very gifted at sharing her gift with others.  She hasn't contributed many products for resale in the market for a few years, so those of you new to scrapbooking may not know who she is!  She is back, and her products are a top pick from me for this season.
 The photo above shows a close up of the border sections which are my favorite.  What is so great about that?  These pieces are made to take color, yet resist.  This means you can accent any of the product line with color...think ink pad, think copic, think Distress Markers, think water color pencils....think think think about the fun possibilities!  You can turn these pieces into any color you WANT!  Here is the video of Heidi with the product at the winter buying show.

It's a great product that is sure to be in short supply! Pre order today!
Use coupon redemption code SWAPP and save 10% off your Heidi Swapp Color Magic Pre Order.  (This coupon may NOT be combined with any other offers, and does not apply to clearance or the distress marker set.

Some general updates:
1.  I am looking for photos for layouts we are working on.  I need good quality photos of grandchildren, and good quality photos of boys playing with trucks.  I need a grouping of at least 15 photos.  If you have photos you can send me a few jpegs at  If I can use them I will contact you, and we'll talk payment.  If you don't hear back from me I could not use the photos for what we are working on.  These photos will be used on layouts that we travel to shows with.  We will NOT identify your child.

2.  Upcoming dates: (shows we will vendor at)
      March 23, 24 Columbus Ohio Memories Expo
      March 30 31 Creating Keepsakes Louisville, KY
      April 20-21  Milwaukee, WI Scrapbook Expo  (this is a new show!!) 
Something to note for our customers...Creating Keepsakes has moved the date of the St. Louis Show to June 8-9.  This show has always been held in April so mark your calendar! 

3. Many of you received new credit cards as of Jan 1, 2012 because of your expiration dates expiring.  When you place on line orders you need to have the NEW v code on the back left of your card.  I am seeing alot of declines come through the site with cvv2 code mismatch errors.  This means you've typed in the wrong code.  Please note a new card, means a new v code!

4.  We still have a few sets of Tim Holtz Distress Markers. We are offering the set at a special pre order price of $99.99 with free freight.  You can view the video of Tim Holtz here.
Pre order markers here!
Thank you to each and every one of you who continue to support our family owned business.  I stand amazed at your willingness to tell you scrapbooking buddies about our site, and it's because of you we continue to develop new products, and inspired designs!

We've got tons of new products on the way!  Keep watching for updates!
Julie Creek
Creek Bank Creations, Inc.

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