Palm Tree Book

Palm Tree Book
There will be many new chipboard books coming in the next week or so. As I finish samples I'll be posting them here. I will list on the website when each book is ready to ship. This book will begin shipping next Wednesday (March 9th). Order the palm tree book here.

This is a fun 5.75x5.5.75 round book, simple for vacation or cruise photos. I've accented the book front with Mudd Puddles.
I've used:

Mudd Puddles can be applied with the applicator knife, and spread THIN. Allow to air dry 2 hours, then cover with wax paper and put books on top of it. This will keep your project from warping. If you are using Mudd Puddles on paper use it is a wet product and will warp your stuff!

Hope you enjoy seeing new products as they arrive!
Julie Creek
Creek Bank Creations, Inc.
101 Ross Street
Muncie, IL 61857

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