Savor...Little Yellow Bicycle

Cooking papers sell so well this time of year! Little Yellow Bicycle has a great new line out...called Savor. It's a high quality paper line with match stickers. Great stuff you "kitchen folks" will love!

You'll find it on the website here!

We are gearing up for The Covered Bridge Festival Oct. 8-17th. We will be located in our same Bridgeon, Indiana inside the Collom's General Store. You can view a great map of Bridgeton here. Collom's Store is Building 7...on the main drag. I do recommend that you drive all the way into town, and park in the lot located on Allen Street. Parking downtown is almost always available, and for the same price as the outer lots. It will save you a good deal of walking..and if you come up through the buildings via the back you can enter Collom's General store from the back and not have to walk all the way out to main street. (no charge for that tid bit). We are bringing new products that are still arriving daily, and our girls here (thank you Marcie) have been working their fingers to the bone to finish up new projects just for the festival.

Here is your offical Covered Bridge Coupon. Print the text and bring it with you..AND DON'T FORGET TO BRING YOUR PAPER CARRIER. (no complaining if you forget!!)

20% off any one item. Valid at The Covered Bridge Festival ONLY. Oct 8-17th 2010.


Get your friends together and come and see us! We are open every Friday and Saturday from NOW ON. (yes starting tomorrow).

I gotta goooooooo The paper racks are calling meeeeeeeeeeeeee. (packkk meeee pack meee) :)

Keep Scrapbooking!
Julie Creek
Creek Bank Creations, Inc
101 Ross Street
Muncie IL 61857

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