Bo Bunny Flower Child

Bo Bunny Flower Child paper in stock!

A fun layout using Bo Bunny Flower Child Line

Paper Used:


How To:
1. Use the yellow as your background.
2. Cut a 1.5" from the stripped paper for your border at the bottom.3. Cut flowers from the remaining backside of the striped paper. Accent those flowers with Stickles to make them sparkle.
4.Pop the size of scalloped ring you like out of the 12x12 sheet. Paint it red. Let it dry. Cover it with stickles. (put it on then spread it around with your finger). Let it dry.
5. Place the scallop ring onto flower child happy paper (green paper) and trace and cut it out. Adhere to paper.
6. Add photos and title

We've made this up for our booth so it's a one page layout. If I were doing this for my book I would simply pull this out into a two page layout. You could make the large scallop into a giant pocket that you could put a giant tag into and put more photos or journaling on. (in case you haven't noticed I'm really into that lately :)
Close up of the glitter flowers.
You can purchase the title and swirl from us, or purchase the glitter paper from us and cut anything you want!
Our line of chipboard works great with Melody Ross's Chipart Tools. We do recommend a few things I'm NOT hearing from those selling this line.
1. The hammer and pounding surface matter. Use an acrylic head hammer or a steel hammer. My preference is a steel hammer. My guess is they are selling acrylic hammers in the store because they don't cost as much to ship. (I have a background in eyelet setting that is extensive and I will tell you the hammer and pounding surface are important). You need a solid surface. No plastic tables. I did my project on the garage floor. You don't want this bouncing no rubber mallets and no soft surfaces.
2. Water. Melody Ross says to spray the chipboard with water and in her videos I even see her using a foam brush to apply water. Our experience is that you need to apply water, a thin mist. I used the mini mister for this. Too much water causes the chipboard to warp. Then LET IT SIT until it looks almost dry. This gives the chipboard time to let the water soak in, giving it a chance to make a deep impression. You don't want the chipboard to actually dry, just let it soak in!
Then let the pounding begin!

I painted our letters red, then painted yellow on the birds, and wiped most of it off with a wet wipe.
Our Show special at all trade shows includes a special on our 12x12 sheets of chipboard. Buy two at $4.99 and get the third 1/2 price. This includes booth pieces of chipboard you see in this layout.
As for the coupon we are offering at shows. It's simple. Just print off blog post here and we'll honor 20% off any one item of regular price. Please let us know you have a coupon when ordering. We'll honor that at any show this year. Is that a deal or what?

Please feel free to share our blog post with your friends who may be attending a trade show. We're happy to share the love!

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