Chasing Dreams

I think I'm just a dream chaser...

One dream I've had for at least 6 years is to be able to share scrapbooking at The Kris Kringle Craft Show. Perhaps it's silly...but it's still a dream I've had. This year will be dream come true for us. We finally have been accepted into this juried show. We've been accepted...and I've promised to help spread the word to scrapbookers in our region about this show. This show has been around for a LONG time, and it covers The assembly hall basketball court (where you'll find us booth 160), and all the outer rings of the building. I was amazed tonight at the great selection of QUALITY products that were being set up. Here are some photos I took tonight...

These are the cutest oil candles EVER!! This couple was from Iowa!

I am bringing this HOME with me! This hand sewn piece is ONLY $9.50!!

This picture is bad...doesn't do this piece justice. This is made by Marilyn Courson. The photo is bad because I was trying to get the photo..and not get in her booth...which really was I walked into her booth..which made me nervous...(sorry Marilyn). I wanted to let you all know Marilyn has finished scrapbook products that she and her daughter Amy have been working on all year. They have the cutest mini books, and such. The prices looked good, so if you need a FAST handmade gift...Marilyn and Amy have it. (they are on the basketball court as well)

I hope you'll show up in good we can show the craft world we are crafters and we want to be apart of what they are doing!!!!! :)

Kris Kringle Craft Show

Assembly Hall, Champaign Illinois

Friday 3-9

Saturday 9-5

Hope to see you there!

Julie Creek

Creek Bank Creations,Inc.

101 Ross Street

Muncie, IL 61857


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