The Green Prize Pack for NSBD Crop!

Happy Earth Day!

In celebration of Earth Day, we decided to reveal our "Green Prize" that we will be giving away at our National Scrapbook Day Celebration May 1 & 2. Take a look!

We're giving away three prize packages during our National Scrapbook Day Event. In order to win a prize you'll have to come and scrapbook with us! During our two days of scrapbooking we'll be giving away tickets.

How does one get tickets???
Each registered scrapbooker will start with tickets just for coming! Then we'll be giving each registered scrapbooker a challenge book. For each challenge they complete they will be awarded a ticket. Then we'll give away tickets for completed pages...and all kinds of other FUN stuff. The challenge will help you keep moving, and get you to try things perhaps you wouldn't try otherwise.

What do tickets have to do with that prize package?
You'll be able to put your ticket into a drawing for each prize package to be given away. We will draw the tickets on Saturday...but you don't have to be present to win. Our only requirement is that you register for the event. (so if you can only come on Friday you can still win a prize).

Now these prizes will be given away on top of the goodie bag you'll be receiving...which I might add has alot of GREEN in it too. (and is pretty cool!)

So if you are hanging on the edges about attending an event with us....YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON ALL KINDS OF FUN!

We would be honored to have you join us!
Register Here!
If you can't stay and scrapbook you'll want to come and shop...the store is bursting with new products and BARGINS!

Our online sale continues until tomorrow. The online sale is 20% off all products (excluding crops and classes) and free freight on orders over $50.00. Local customers should check out using the local pick up option. Use coupon code party for your discount.
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Laurie said...

I'm so excited!! I'm spending this weekend getting ready for next weekend :)