Good afternoon!

Just wanted to remind everyone to enter for the free prize pack. I will be drawing for it in about an hour and wanted to make sure everyone got entered.

We had a few people email us and ask how to enter so I just wanted to post the directions on entering in case anyone else was wondering.

How to Post a Comment

1. Create a google account. Go here

2. Once you've created your account with Google. Go to the blog.
When you're on our blog, find the post you want to leave a comment on. At the bottom of the post it should say "0 comments (or a specific number)".
This is a link to the comments page. Click on it.

3. Once on the comments page, you'll see comments on the right others have left (if there is any). On the right is the blank you can fill out to leave your own comment. Type your comment in the box. Below that is the word verification box, be sure to do this, otherwise your comment will not be posted.

4. Choose the button that says, "Google/Blogger" and fill in your google account information that you created in the first step.

5. Then you can preview your comment or publish it. If you preview it, make sure you you hit the "publish" button when you're ready to send the comment.

6. Your comment should instantly appear at the bottom of all the other comments. If it doesn't immediately show up, give it a few minutes and it'll eventually appear.

Email me at if you have any questions!

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