Library Pocket Kit

The library Pocket book kit is one of our better selling items. It's reasonably priced at $5.99 and fun to adapt to any project you might be working on. I'm making a few of these for our Christmas Gift exchange with friends. You can fill the cards inside with journaling, or photos, and accent the book with sayings or qoutes.

One of our goals with this business has always been to inspire people to create "doable" projects and scrapbook pages. There's nothing worse than wanting to create something and being overwhelmed by it. To this end we're developing more and more resources on our website to help in this area. I've been working for quite awhile on getting instructions for this project together and I've finally done it. Click here and you'll be redirected to our site and see my step by step instructions. The library pocket kit is readily available on our site.
The instructions were written with step by step instructions and a complete supply list so I'm hoping you'll be able to finish the kit once you take it home. After all that is what it's all about right?

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